Jul 222010

Welcome to the (new/temporary?) Squidsoft website! Sadly, circumstances have conspired such that we have lost our server suddenly and unexpectedly! You may consider this to be a life lesson about the often tragic vagaries of fate. I really don’t know much more than that, so that’s all for now! Have a lovely day!

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  9 Responses to “Unfortunate news!”

  1. Yea… noticed this today when I tried to log on. Hope everything turns out alright. Keep us in the loop.

  2. Nice design.

  3. they just took it from you or what happened?

  4. Huh. What happened to it?

  5. They probably became increasingly more paranoid and delusional about the server admin until deceit and subterfuge was the only solution they could think of. Again.

  6. Unexpectedly changing circumstances. Nothing that’s really my place to talk about, aside from what I’ve said already. We’re doing what we can to recover.

  7. Ehh… I just hope no one died…

  8. No, nobody died, quit, or got fired.

  9. really fucking sucks, but maybe some people need a break from the computer. Hope the game comes back up. I hope everyone is cool and all that shiz.

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