Aug 082010

I’ve been doing stuff too! Server stuff!

Believe it or not, SQ-0.1.10 (the server version we used up to the shutdown) actually had some fairly major potential stability issues which have now been rectified. In addition, we’ve added some cool new under-the-hood features (which are of rather limited utility to everyone who isn’t actually a host), which will be after the break.

For the past few days I’ve been working primarily on built-in functions, stabilizing them, and implementing them into SC’s server, which is part of the reason for the admittedly poor uptime reports on SC. The new functions and changes to builtins follow!

  • Reworked bf_isa, in order to pave the way for more isa-based builtin functions.
  • Fixed several rather nasty bugs with bf_assoc, caused a few more, and then fixed those.
  • Implemented bf_iassoc. Honestly, this should have been done sooner, but sometimes other, more pressing issues take the lead.
  • Disabled legacy builtin functions that tended to panic the server if used improperly.
  • Implemented other list-manipulation builtin functions of various and/or dubious use.
  • Deprecated old distance builtins, for a new n-dimensional multi-mode distance builtin function that actually has some form of error-checking.
  • In what might turn into a string of isa-related builtins, implemented scattered_isa, which allows an isa comparison of a group of objects to another object or group of objects. Why is this useful? I….have no idea.
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  1. Long story short… Words cannot express my raging desire to become a host, now that I read this! What a comfy time it must be for y’all.

  2. Dear Tegan Quin,
    I didn’t know you played the popular internet spaceship game Star Conquest! Does Sara also play?

    The Host Staff

  3. Dearest Elena,
    Nice pun there, keep ‘em up! 8-) I wonder, now that you brought it up, is the right term “spaceship” or “starship”? And also, am I truly DUMB if I resort to Start Conquest: Classic and stay away from the more recently released, new-style version?

  4. Dear Tegan,
    You never answered my question! I guess not, then. Oh well.

    Anyways, to the meat of it.
    Both work, though starship is more proper.

    And…basically yes. Star Conquest: Classic really only exists for total diehards (and another group which I’ll get into in a moment) who insist that modern Star Conquest is ‘not SC’. It receives very minimal support and the penalties there, if you are found in violation of a policy. There will be little to no development done on Classic; the only addition to the game since its opening was the textmap command, which now exists in a somewhat different form on Star Conquest proper. However, if Star Conquest is a bit too ‘hardcore’ you can ease yourself into it with Classic before jumping into the deep end with the mainline Star Conquest.

    However, we’re trying to edge away from that by making Star Conquest much more accessible to new players while also adding exciting new content that will be accessible to new, old, and everyone in-between.

  5. I would say modern Star Conquest already has a much more shallow learning curve. I mean, it starts you off on “ships” that take ONE HIT to die, and soon there will be a complete chain of “quests” between that point and doing proper missions.

  6. Dearest Elena and Jason (are you RELATED, by any chance…),
    I have some experience with text-combat, so that shouldn’t be a problem. What would occur a more pressing issue right now – and I am sure that you both are aware of this – is that there are very few others to bully, shoot down, insult so much that they spend the night crying, or to otherwise have “fun” with them. So unless Star Conquest offers a nifty way of exploring space (and more) on your own I fear that this will have to change before anybody can seriously dive into the game and its associated roleplay. And, frankly, even exploring on your own gets boring really quickly, mostly because there’s nobody to listen to you bragging about your findings.
    Still, with my experience in the C-style languages I’m eager to find out why the SC-server is so special. (Yes, I like to think I’m special!)

  7. Hi, Tegan (no, but we’re both hosts)

    The mechanics of exploration are pretty much unchanged from Classic. Except for the part where you can now get artifacts while remaining inside the communications barrier in certain locales, and they even have their own point category and knowledge-command based brags. So basically what I’m trying to say is that no, we don’t have anything remotely resembling artifact hunting in SC.

  8. [...] time since the post in August of last year we added scattered_isa() which is sort of a bulk/multi-target isa operation. It’s actually a [...]

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