Aug 132010

Tonight I ran the first full test of the new space system! It had the expected hiccups, but once I took care of those issues, everything seemed to work pretty smoothly. There are a few more things that need to be worked out, but it looks like we’re on track to make the switch this weekend. It’s likely to take place Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

To be clear, this is not yet the glorious Star Conquest relaunch, which will take place later in the month and coincide with a new event schedule. Keep an eye out for further announcements about that.

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  8 Responses to “Star Conquest’s New Space System Launching This Weekend”

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait for this.

  2. Me, either! And the new names for new things are so cool. One of my favorite things about it.

  3. As there is an auto jumping feature, it would be cool to have something similar on the planet surface “go HyperTea” “go Manhattan Spaceport”.

    Could be nice for new players.

  4. I’m sorry, but you will have to find your way around the game planets and read the descriptions on your own, without the computer making you zip directly to it.

    Plus, it’s your ship doing the jumping, and your feet doing the walking. Your feet don’t have a computer in them.

    • I have expected such answer :) However, there are MUD clients with automapping features…. so it really depends how player experience the world.

      e.g. In real world: I want to go to shop – my subconscious thinks about “e,e,down,w,w” not I.

      “go Spaceport”
      “drink tea”
      and I’m drinking while i’m walking – not between steps

      But i get your point, and this game is marvelous anyway so I would not fight fiercely about such details…

      • Sure. You could make your client play the game for you. It’d be against the policies, but you could do it.

        Aside from all that, your character ICly might not know where the hypertea or whatever is, and we really don’t want to reduce all of the building that has been done to a player being able to just type in ‘go $incredibly_obscure_place’ and wait thirty seconds or so.

  5. There are NPCs now that will essentially teleport new players between the liaison office and the starship store or the battlesuit outfitter, so it’s more friendly than it used to be!

    • I have been playing SC several years ago :) Not much I admit but it’s always nice to have a place in space,so You can telnet on demand…. I’m glad that You are still going forward.

      Maybe NPC could give a guide? “Please go north, and after [place] turn west…”

      But these are silly details, don’t bother:)

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