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  1. That makes me sad :( any idea of when it might come back?

  2. I was wondering the same thing

  3. Ye, me too, I will keep checking this page. Hope all is well.

  4. Why so long bringing it back up? hope all is well

    • How can someone ask a question like, why so long bringing it back up? It was hit by a damn tornado! Wo knows what kind of damage took place. For all we know the data for the game was lost and has to be rewritten.

  5. asked a simple question. i understand tornados since one hit where i lve and caused great damage by the airport and less ten 2 miles from my house

  6. Guys I love sc just as much as some of you. And yeah the airport thing was awesome as hell. I suggest finding another addiction for a while if sc stays down. I here meth and speed are fun. And if data was lost maybe this will start a new wave of sc or something. Seriously hope everyone is alright.

  7. The reality is that the area where the server resides was hit by various forms of semi-apocalyptic weather and is now somewhat… well, under the sea. The server itself is fine, but it’s taking several days to restore power to the area.

  8. I’m glad everyone and everything is fine out htere. I’ll make sure and pass the news along.

  9. I think that it was extremely lucky that those servers were not damaged or destroyed. I also hope that people weren’t hurt at the location. That was an ef5 multivortex tornado. There are people who are in need right now because of the tornado outbreak and you guys need to realize that first before starting to ask about a game’s status. I think about those who lossed there lives and I hope that those people who were running the servers for sc weren’t impacted by losing family in this way. In closing, I just want to say this, people come first and things come second when it comes to situations like this because lives are more meaningful then property and that is the most important thing that we need to think about

  10. People come first to some but others think that megs of code are more important. Notice the first 3 comments are when is the game coming back up and as a second thought are you guys ok. You heartless people. I would suggest running sc from a off site but if you don’t have power to upload the data kind of pointless. Hmm wonder how money people would donate for the server to be hosted from a hosting company. Er I mean to help the people in need.

  11. Well, I’m glad to see everyone’s okay. If it makes you feel better, quite a lot of Texas is either on fire or choking on smoke from the parts that are on fire, so we haven’t exactly escaped the Apocalypse down here.

    If you all do want to look at a hosting company, $15 a month gets you something MU*-focused, but $40 a month gets you a pretty decent VPS (and all the support and uptime guarantees that go with it) that you can slice up and resell. Just a thought…

    (Disclaimer: I work at a hosting company, and I miss a lot of the people I only know through SC).

    • We’ve had plans to purchase a new server and toss it up in a WA or OR datacenter for a while now, it’s just that it’s largely handled by me including the required funds, seeing as how donations are a very unreliable way of keeping a game up, considering our track record with donations.
      To explain Jason’s statement; SC would eat pretty much any VPS that you could get for 40 bucks for light brunch, as it’s very memory -and- CPU intensive. It’s CPU intensive in that it pretty much pegs the core it’s on at a constant 100% (and it’s not much of a slacker CPU wise, it has a decent Core 2 from a while back when those were still the hotness) and all of the games together (SC, Classic, SquidMOO, other projects) pretty much shrug and eat over 4gb of RAM. And occasionally that spikes even higher. It’s beastly and doesn’t play nice in the slightest; welcome to MOOs.

  12. Sorry to hear about the tornado. I hope everyone there is okay. Just take your time doing the much needed things first. See you around when SC comes back to life. You’re all in my prayers.

    • Mostly, TVA needs to get off their ass and fix the transmission lines, storms didn’t really hit where the server is much, it just disrupted the flow of power to everything.

  13. Most hosting companies are used to just dealing with MUDs and have no clue what it takes to host a MOO, particularly a large one. I speak from experience. We’ll just wait it out. And no, nobody related to Squidsoft was hurt, but thanks for your concern!

  14. So was your house hit Jason? Sorry wasn’t clear on that, and if not did you get some amazing footage so we can auto tune you and your friends freaking out. You could make millions. Truely tragic shit last I heard death count was like 320. Mother nature is like ridding the world one attack at a time. Texas fires, missouri storms alabama tornado’s etc. Plus the stuff with the birds and fish 5 months ago. Well if the end comes I’ll be high as hell.

  15. glad all is well and glad all hosts are well.

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