May 112011
Star Voyage

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Hello, Squidsoft enthusiasts! Today I’m pleased to officially announce our next project, and our second ever serious effort at a graphical game!

Star Voyage is a single player game with a retro, DOS-era style that puts you in control of a massive starship. You have to build your ship even as it flies, manage your crew, assign tasks aboard the ship, and gather resources. It’s a bit like a city simulation, except that your city is hurtling through space at an incredible velocity.

I’m announcing this now because Star Voyage is about to enter a state I would call “minimally playable.” In my mind, this means we’re moving from pre-alpha development to an alpha stage. And that calls for an alpha test. Now is the time to dig up and fix any problems in the game before we move on with further development. And there will be a lot of further development.

This will be a small initial alpha test, and I would like nothing more than to choose the first participants from a pool of longtime Squidsoft fans. If you’re interested, submit an application! The link is below!

Of course, Squidsoft has historically produced text-based games far more than anything else, so I will emphasize once again, so that there is no confusion, that this project is thoroughly graphical.

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Alpha Test Application

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