Oct 252011

So! It’s been a while.

We’ve had a lot of changes in the ten months since our last big update post; the game is basically a different beast now.

Details after the break!

First, the big stuff:

  • Teslaworld was completely revamped; it no longer has a point requirement and is largely based out of battlesuits. It’s still a group activity; you can only gain more money by bringing along your friends!
  • Starship insurance was also completely revamped; it’s now a bill over time with distinct insurance levels per-ship. You always get a little bit of cash on an otherwise ‘uninsured’ ship, however.
  • Organizations now have their own upgradable and customizable space stations.
  • Activity in a sector now produces “heat” (which is really just our internal name for it) which, after an amount of time, will trigger an invasion. Less secure sectors heat up faster and cool off slower.
  • Salvage ops are a new activity given actual mechanics. It pairs defenders and salvagers together to form a mutually profitable arrangement.

Now, some of the smaller, but still somewhat major stuff:

  • Damage calculations have been changed somewhat; launchers are now only lost to more extreme levels of damage, as this was unduly influencing launcher ships more heavily than turret ships; launcher ships tend to have much fewer damage output components.
  • Organizations now have their own message boards!
  • Pilot corp liaisons have been expanded fairly significantly.
  • Conquest only triggers during wartime, however conquest periods are still important and production goals are in place to give the conquest benefits.
  • TRADE CYCLES: THE CARD GAME. Playable at any disreputable bar.
  • Gunships in general were revamped. Overall, the AEU gunships were inordinately powerful and the League ones were inordinately weak. Overall, it was a fairly huge balance change. Tier two gunships also had their point requirements cranked up.
  • Newbies deciding to join a less populous alliance now have statistical bonuses to their point gains, up to 500 points.
  • Organization unity was changed to be based more on the /number/ of people in weird alliances than simply the alliance composition of the organization.
  • Hundreds of smaller changes! See more here.
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