Signal Nine Dev Diary #5: Cyberware

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Dec 062020

Cyberware is, naturally, a pillar of the cyberpunk setting. This is certainly true in aesthetic terms, and it’s also often part of the theme — a corporation’s product invading your body itself, flesh directly meeting metal, exploring the border between human and machine, and when one might become the other. Signal Nine explores this in a few ways as well, and more to the point right now, it has cyberware!

As you may have gleaned from the combat dev diary, we model body parts fairly extensively, and part of our reason for doing this is to be able to properly model the advantages of cyberware. Fragile skin becomes armor, a limb’s function is boosted, and all new abilities are added. This also synergizes with combat damage and the long-term injuries and scarring that can result. A limb permanently losing function, while certainly consequential to your character, is less of a big deal in a world where you have the option to completely replace it.

This dev diary will be a little different. Instead of summarizing the different things we’re able to create with the cyberware system, we’ll pick a few finished products to show to you, and you’ll certainly begin to get the idea. Let’s start with some of the most ubiquitous pieces and work our way toward the more exotic.

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