Star Conquest


Star Conquest is a pulp science fiction adventure RPG set 300 years in the future.

“Pulp” science fiction means that we went back to the sci-fi authors of the 50s and 60s, and built a future that they might’ve envisioned. Other solar systems are colonized, starships move faster than light through space, and there are aliens and strange artifacts to find.

Our game is also roleplay-intensive, and we encourage each player to develop a fleshed-out character concept.


  • Fully realized space system! Own your own starship, trade between distant spaceports, and explore the galaxy!
  • Full-featured battlesuit combat system! Fight on the ground against the enemies of humanity in your own suit of powered armor!
  • Event-driven storyline! Watch the game’s storyline unfold through regular events run by the staff! Influence the course of events!
  • Continually evolving game mechanics! An active staff improves game systems and creates entirely new ones continually!
  • Completely original! Our own original game design, our own code, and our own characters and story!

To Connect:

Our host is and our port is 7777 or 7771.

Grab a MOO client such as VMoo, tkMOO-light, or MUSHclient to play!

More Information:

View the game’s complete official website!

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